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UKAS Accredited Quality Management System to BS EN ISO 9001 : 2015.

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Holme Dodsworth Metals Ltd is one of the UK’s largest importer and distributor of non-ferrous metals. Established in 1879 the family owned business has been operating in the industry for over 100 years and is extremely proud of the level of service it has been able to maintain throughout this time.

A true belief in exemplary levels of service combined with stocks exceeding all other competitors in the market place has allowed our company to compete at the highest level, servicing the largest clients in the UK and around the globe.

Throughout our history Holme Dodsworth’s commitment to quality of product has ensured that our clients receive only the best material that can be acquired. With branches in Newcastle, Manchester, Rotherham, Walsall, Luton and our newest opening in Plymouth, we believe that offering a great product and service at a competitive price makes us the enviable force we are today.

International enquiries has a new dedicated email    •   Our Luton branch is now ISO Certified!: , Date: 14 Dec 2018   •   USD: 1.28426, EURO: 1.11521   •   Copper: 4698, Brass: 5660
Holme Dodsworth Metals Limited.
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